Fiscal Representation from 350 Euros / year

Tax Angels has always set new service and price standards in the market and has now gone one step further...

We have created long term Fiscal Representation Packages that will allow clients to have a very low cost, as well as piece of mind for a set period of time!


    Package details:

    1 Year Fiscal Representation: 350,00 Euros

    5 Year Fiscal Representation: 1500,00 Euros


Please note that the following terms apply, together with the ones mentioned in the Signup Agreement:

- Service Prepaid in full;
- Non-refundable;
- After the chosen period, the client can always opt between renewing the service, or reverting back to an yearly fee;
- The submission of Tax Returns such as IRS Rental Income and IRS Capital Gains are NOT included in the service, and is charged separately, the same way as occurs with all Fiscal Representation clients. These extra costs are transparent and are mentioned in the Agreement that should be signed;
- All amounts are subject to IVA (VAT) at normal legal rate;


Sign-Up Procedures

Please click on the relevant link to be directed to the online sign-up form, with the relevant PROMO CODE already filled in:

1 Year Fiscal Representation (Standard Price) Sign-Up

5 Year Fiscal Representation Pack (1.500,00 Euros + IVA) Sign-Up

NOTE: Due to limitations in our IT System, the agreement will mention the total amount due for the pack as an annual fee, but you'll find that the last item on the pricing limits the total fees to be charged for the full time of your chosen pack, according to this promotion.

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