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Rental License

  • Portugal Rental Licence ® is a partnership between Tax Angels and Silver Ocean.

    The joint venture was created to help holiday home owners in Portugal obtain a Touristic Utilization License (also known as Alojamento Local or Local Accommodation) in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

    The term “Local Accommodation” was formed with owners of villas, apartments and accommodation establishments in mind, who, by possessing a license for simple utilization, further provide services of temporary accommodation (receiving income in return), but which do not, however, meet minimum requirements to be considered as touristic developments.

    Legalize your property in the blink of an eye and rest assured that you will have no problems with the authorities. You will be able to advertise your property wherever you like and can take pride new clients under the AL system.

    Offer a quality service and legalize your property! It’s so simple…