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Fiscal Representation

  • Fiscal Representation in Portugal

    Under current Portuguese legislation if you are a non-resident and wish to buy a property, buy a car, give your property for rent or simply open a bank account, you are legally obliged to nominate a local person or company to be your fiscal representative. The Fiscal Representative is obliged to ensure that the non-resident meets compulsory compliance commitments. The role of the Fiscal Representative is to guide the non-resident throughout the Portuguese Tax system.

    All the paper work and procedures related with fiscal matters may be complicated if you are not familiar with the language and the local mechanism.

    So, as your fiscal representative, our service includes:

    - Apply for and obtain a Portuguese fiscal number;

    - Obtaining and correctly filling the necessary forms to pay the required Taxes due within the period established by the law.


    All the official communication with the Portuguese Tax Office will be held by us on your behalf and you will be informed about your status.

    All you have to do is complete our online sign up form and provide some documentation to appoint Tax Angels as your fiscal representative. We will do the rest for you.

    Please contact us if you should need any further clarification.

    Please click here to check our fees for Fiscal Representation.